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We’re the patio furniture capital of the USA

In 2015, ranked the top 10 medium to large cities in the USA with the highest percentage of swimming pools in their backyards.

The survey found that 5 of the top 10 cities in the USA are located in the metro Phoenix area: Scottsdale (#2), Tempe (#3), Chandler (#4), Glendale (#5) and Gilbert (#6).

Of course, with all these pools come lots of patio furniture. And with patio furniture, come even more patio cushion covers.

Now here’s the rub…

Because we live in the desert, your patio cushion covers are constantly exposed – throughout the summer – to a combination of dust storms and monsoons as well as oils from suntan lotions and creams.

And the likely result?

Your patio cushion covers get stained and soiled.

These stains and soiling are typically evidenced by

  • Tide lines

       Think of the ocean washing up on a sandy beach and then receding, leaving a “tide line” on the sand.

  • Oil stains

       Think of a wall that was “touched up” with a paint color that was slightly darker than the original color.

  • Mold

       Think of old cheese that’s developed greenish or blackish fungus-like marks.

       (Please note: no guarantee can be provided that all mold stains are fully removable).

After each summer season, you might conclude that you need to replace your cushion covers.

Given the cost of replacement – particularly if your cushion covers were custom made – there’s a more cost-effective solution: RAVE FabriCARE’s patio cushion cover cleaning service.

At RAVE FabriCARE, we can restore your patio cushion covers to their former beauty (sun fading not included).


You can drop them of at our facility in the Scottsdale Airpark or we can pick them up if you’re an existing pick up and delivery client.

If you are not an existing pick up and delivery client, we can pick up and deliver for a nominal additional charge.

Our prices are based on the

  • number of identical patterned/colored cushion covers,
  • sizes of the individual cushion covers, 
  • type and degree of staining and soiling, and
  • ability to easily remove and replace the filling (typically foam).

In order to ensure that our pricing is consistently accurate, we charge by size (as measured in square inches). Prices range from a high of 8 cents/square inch to a low of 4c/square inch.

For example, a single, zippered, non-buttoned, 30 (length) x 20 (width)  x 5 (height) cushion cover would cost xxx (xxx square inches multiplied by 8c/square inch).

Please note;

  • there is a 20% handling surcharge to remove and replace the foam fillers in patio cushion covers.
  • there is a 50% handling surcharge to attempt to remove mold on patio cushion covers.



Our typical turnaround time is about 1 to 2 weeks.

There are numerous factors that could affect the actual turnaround time, such as condition, construction and necessary repairs prior to cleaning and/or restoration.

Contact us

If you live outside of the metro Phoenix area and are considering the cleaning and/or restoration of patio cushion covers, you might want to request a preliminary evaluation and estimate from us.

To provide us with more details about your pieces and to upload some photographs (helps us assess the overall condition of the pieces and develop a preliminary estimate), please click here.

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