We focus solely on quality

RAVE FabriCARE is not a “value priced” or “competitively priced” cleaner. We do not run daily, weekly and monthly specials. We do not coupon. We do not offer volume discounts.

At RAVE FabriCARE, we deliver extraordinary care for fine garments, household textiles and accessories.

And we price our services accordingly.

As the leader in true quality care for fine garments, household textiles and accessories in Arizona, our prices are set at a level which affords us the opportunity to concentrate solely on the quality of our work and to sustain that quality over the long term.

By contrast, the focus of the vast majority of ordinary cleaners can be summed up in two words: quantity and speed.

Essentially, this means pushing more and more garments (quantity) faster and faster (speed) through their “production system.” They’re in by 11:00 and out by 5:00; picked up on day 1 and delivered on day 3.

At ordinary cleaners, production efficiency is the holy grail of their entire operation.

Of course, no ordinary cleaner will admit to this.

So they continue to promote the idea that they deliver

  • “Top Quality Work Ready For Pick Up The Same Day Or The Next Day”,
  • “Top Quality Work Picked Up and Delivered In Three Days”,
  • “Top Quality Work At A Competitive Price”,
  • “Top Quality Work At Half The Price Of A True Quality Cleaner” or
  • “Top Quality Work At A Third Of The Price Of A True Quality Cleaner”.

But given their consistently lower price structure, it’s clear that the long-term economic viability of their enterprise depends solely on quantity and speed.

Not quality of work.

Which is fine if you’re manufacturing standardized widgets. But absolute heresy when you’ve been entrusted with the custom cleaning and finishing of a client’s fine garments, household textiles and accessories. Especially their fine bespoke, made-to-measure, designer, high fashion, specialty and couture garments.

The bottom line? 

Low price is the last refuge of dry cleaners who don’t care enough to deliver a garment, household textile or accessory actually worth paying for.

In your experience, how often is the cheaper or cheapest choice the best choice?

It’s for this reason that we always tell our clients that it’s important to know what you’re paying. But it’s even more important to know what you’re paying FOR.

And what are you paying for? Take our 5 minute Grade Your Cleaner test.

We don’t cut costs by cutting corners

Garment care at the bespoke, made-to-measure, designer, high-fashion, specialty and couture level involves specialized procedures, processes, equipment and facilities. And lots and lots of technically skilled labor.

If you encounter low to moderate prices at the bespoke, made-to-measure, designer, high-fashion, specialty and couture level of garment care, you can be absolutely assured that they’re cutting costs by cutting corners.

In every facet of their operation – from cleaning and finishing to inspection and packaging.

All this, despite the fact that that their slogans include “The relentless pursuit of textile perfection”, “The art of clean” and “We deliver the exquisite”.

Low to moderate prices in the metro Phoenix area would be $10.00 to $25.00 for a 2 piece suit (dry cleaning), $5.00 to $12.50 for a trouser/slacks (dry cleaned) and $2.50 to $10.00 for a dress shirt (laundered).

It’s a simple concept…

The Four Seasons and The Ritz Carlton cannot consistently provide a first class hotel room for the price of a Sheraton or Holiday Inn while maintaining their existing quality standards.

Morton’s and Ruth’s Chris cannot consistently serve a prime quality steak for the price of a Sizzler or Lone Star while maintaining their existing quality standards.

And BMW and Mercedes won’t ever be able to deliver a vehicle for the price of a Kia while maintaining their existing quality standards.

True quality cleaning is no different.

Our approach to pricing

Unlike ordinary cleaners, we do not have a single price for a specific category of garment, say slacks/trousers, blouses/shirts, blazers/sport coats or suits.

Prices will vary according to factors such as fabric, construction, color, trim, soiling, cleaning process to be used, labor time invested, and the like.

For example, there will be a significant variance in price between a Tommy Bahama black long sleeve silk blouse and a Chanel black long sleeve silk blouse with white collar and cuffs, signature buttons, and pleated front bib.

We’re always happy to provide you with a specific price quote upon physical inspection of your garment, household textile or accessory. Please be patient as this pricing step may take a few minutes, particularly if the order involves multiple pieces.

When we do provide a specific price or a specific price range quote, we will always note that price quote on the ticket provided to you when you drop off your cleaning.

We don’t offer multiple price levels

Some ordinary dry cleaners have, in recent years, grasped onto the notion that they can generate additional revenue with almost no additional effort by offering two or three “levels of quality” – each with their own corresponding pricing structure.

Typically, these ordinary cleaners identify their multi-level quality/pricing structures with a special names such as their “everyday service”, their “expert service” and their “couture” service. Or their diamond, platinum and gold service. Or their classic, deluxe and signature service. Or their basic, classic and artisan service.

Fundamental to this idea is the ludicrous notion that it’s possible to serve every market segment simultaneously using the exact same personnel, procedures, processes, technologies, equipment and facilities.

The marketing implication, of course, is that there is something fundamentally different in the quality of the product they produce for each different price level.

Truth is, if you eliminated the different packaging associated with each “level of quality”, there’s practically no difference in the quality of the product amongst those different price levels.

Same product. Different packaging. Different prices.

The problem with offering multiple levels of quality is that multiple levels of quality requires multiple sets of skills – a different set of skills for each “level of quality” offered.

So the big question is this: Is it possible for a dry cleaner to employ multiple skill sets across all areas of operations – from cleaning to finishing to inspection to repairs to packaging – within the same facility?

And the answer?

It’s not possible.

It’s impossibly cost prohibitive.


Because multiple levels of quality is a slippery slope. Once you start, you can’t stop.

After a while, all three “levels of quality” merge into one and the only true level of quality produced is the lowest level of quality.

Quite frankly, the very idea is absurd.

If we told you that Morton’s, Denny’s and McDonald’s had jointly decided that they would henceforth operate from a single building with three separate seating areas, but that they would share the same kitchen, share the same chefs, share the same servers and share the same food suppliers you would tell us that that was the most idiotic idea you’d ever heard of.

Well, that’s exactly what these ordinary cleaners are telling you.

And many customers buy that irrational and non-executable idea hook, line and sinker.

At RAVE FabriCARE, we have always offered only one level of quality of product and one price structure.

We’d never, ever consider offering multiple levels of quality.

We’d never, ever compromise or short cut our commitment to extraordinary care.

We’d sooner lock the doors, throw away the keys and move to the Coast.

We don’t provide telephonic quotes

Here’s a fairly typical call we receive: “How much do you charge to clean a dress?” “How much do you charge for shirts?” “What’s the price of a comforter?” “What about a handbag?”

Unfortunately, there’s no way to accurately answer such questions other than to say that “it all depends” – it all depends on many different factors, including, but not limited to fabric, animal skin, construction, color, trim, soiling, cleaning process to be used, labor time invested, and the like.

The problem with providing price quotes over the phone is simple: If we provided a a specific price quote or a specific price range based on a client’s best attempt to describe the item and it’s associated problems over the phone, someone will drop off a garment, household textile or accessory and, upon picking up that item, inform us that he/she was told that the price would be $X.

How was that price determined?

No one knows.

Who provided that price?

No one knows.

As a result, we do not provide specific price quotes or price ranges over the telephone.

In this regard, a true quality dry cleaner is much like your dentist. Your dentist cannot provide a price quote over the telephone without first examining your mouth to determine the extent of the work to be performed.

That being said, if you brought in or mailed in a garment, household textile or accessory to our facility and we had the opportunity to access the item and estimate the labor associated with cleaning and/or restoring the item, we should be able to provide you with a specific quote, or, at the very least, a specific price range.

In every instance where a specific price or price range is provided, we will note that price or price range on your receipt when you drop off the item.

Accordingly, we do not honor any “price quotes” of the “someone-told-me-it-would-cost-$X” variety.

We don’t add an environmental tax, fee or surcharge

We don’t follow the industry practice of adding an environmental tax, fee or surcharge of 3% to 6% to each invoice.

That’s because we view compliance with federal, state and local environmental laws and regulations as just another business expense, not an additional revenue source.

Unfortunately, the term “environmental tax, surcharge or fee” is misleading and has led many consumers to believe that this “price adjustment” is a tax of some sort that must be collected by cleaners and forwarded to a federal, state or local agency.

Truth is, there’s no such tax in Arizona. It’s merely a sham device designed to generate additional revenue.

Adding an environmental surcharge to your cleaning bill is like a bar or restaurant charging for the use of the restroom.

Periodic price adjustments

From time to time, every business must make adjustments to their price structure in response to changes in business operating conditions. Accordingly, RAVE FabriCARE reserves the right to adjust our minimum, average and maximum prices for any garment, household textile or accessory, with or without prior written notice.

Any changes in price structure will affect all clients equally as our prices for in-store service, pickup and delivery service and nationwide clean by mail service are identical.



At RAVE FabriCARE, setting prices is the easy part.

Consistently delivering on our commitment to extraordinary care – every item, every order – now that’s the complicated part.

And that’s the difference between true quality fabricare and ordinary cleaning.

We trust you will find our prices commensurate with the extraordinary care we deliver.

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