Zero Fragrance or Perfume

No fragrance or perfume added or injected. Ever.

Many ordinary cleaners add or inject fragrance or perfume into their dry cleaning fluid, purportedly to impart a “breath of fresh air” into their garments.

Truth is, these fragrances and perfumes are intended solely to “disguise” or “neutralize” the odor associated with cleaning in dry cleaning fluid that has not been continuously purified.

At RAVE FabriCARE, our dry cleaning fluid is non-chlorinated, non-hydrocarbon, non-formaldehyde, fragrance-free, perfume-free and completely odorless. We call it Free & Clear Dry Cleaning®.

Free & Clear Dry Cleaning is ideal for the chemically-sensitive who are unable to tolerate

  • dry cleaning solvents like perchlorethylene, petroleum, synthetic petroleum or formaldehyde dibutyl acetal, the dry cleaning solvents used by more than 97% of all dry cleaners. 
  • the fragrances or perfumes that are part of the ordinary cleaner’s bag of tricks.

Every dry cleaner should clean in dry cleaning fluid that’s crystal clear. As clear as bottled mountain spring water.

Crystal clear dry cleaning fluid means zero odor.

And zero odor means no need for fragrance or perfume.

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