Proprietary Dry Cleaning Fluid

The type of dry cleaning solvent or fluid matters

At RAVE FabriCARE, our dry cleaning fluid is siloxane, a dry cleaning fluid with a 15 plus year history that’s used by fewer that 5% of all dry cleaners in the USA.

It’s completely odorless.

It’s  dermatologically friendly.

It’s extremely gentle.

Fact is, our dry cleaning fluid is so gentle on fabrics, it’s six times less aggressive than chlorinated dry cleaning solvents like perchlorethylene or “perc (aka Dowper), two times less aggressive than hydrocarbon dry cleaning solvents like synthetic petroleum (aka DF2000 or EcoSolv), and six times less aggressive than formaldehyde-based dry cleaning solvents like formadehyde dibutyl acetal (aka K4 or Solvon).

So gentle, it’s been used for over 40 years as a base ingredient in many personal care products you apply to your skin on a daily basis. Such as shampoos, antiperspirants, deodorants and moisturizing creams.

So gentle you can (legally) wash your face and hands in it.

It’s environmentally benign.

Fact is, siloxane is so benign that, in 2008, the California Air Resources Board, the most stringent environmental safety agency in the country, gave siloxane a clean bill of health, stating that they see no reason to regulate siloxane in any manner whatsoever.  So benign that, in 2012, Environmental Canada, the highly regarded Canadian equivalent of the Environmental Protection Agency, concluded that siloxane is not harmful to the environment and required no regulation of any kind. 

It’s chemically inert.

This means that our dry cleaning fluid does not react chemically with the dyes in your fabrics.

The result?

No “bleeding” or “fading” of dyes. It won’t bleed or fade your colors.

For example, if we were to clean a load of brand new black or red garments, with our filters turned off, the color of our dry cleaning fluid will be crystal clear.

If those same garments were to be cleaned in perc, synthetic petroleum or formaldehyde dibutyl acetal, with the filters turned off, the dry cleaning solvent would be blackish or reddish respectively.

Where does the dye come from?

You guessed it! Right out of your garments.

It’s got no dry cleaning solvent smell and no fragrance or perfume smell. Ever.


Odorless. Dermatologically friendly. Fabric gentle. Environmentally benign. Chemically inert. Fragrance and perfume free.

Think of our proprietary dry cleaning fluid as life insurance for your fine garments and household textiles.

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