Professional Stain Removal

Stain removal prior to dry cleaning

At RAVE FabriCARE, we perform extensive stain removal and cleaning procedures on every garment.

Our full-time, stain removal technicians bring decades of craftsmanship to your garments. Introducing a sophisticated understanding of delicate fabrics, sensitive dyes and unusual trims. Employing an array of specialty cleaning agents to battle even your toughest stains. And utilizing delicate dry cleaning, wet cleaning, hand washing and/or restoration techniques to protect and enhance your investment.

Even if that means taking the time to treat the same garment multiple times until the stain has been removed or minimized (some stains can never be completely removed, only minimized).

Ordinary cleaners operate differently

Contrast this to the vast majority of ordinary cleaners

  • Where the stain removal process is skipped entirely.
  • Where their “stain removal technician” merely loads and unloads a machine.
  • Where the stain removal process consists of the recitation of a prayer.
  • Where they hope the stains will miraculously disappear based on a combination of the dry cleaning solvent (the more aggressive the solvent the better), the dry cleaning detergent (the cheaper the detergent the better), the addition or injection of moisture into the dry cleaning machine (a reckless undertaking), and the dry cleaning machine’s tumbling action (the greater the pounding the better).
  • Where even simple stains receive one of those sorry-we-tried-but-we-couldn’t tags.

The problem is that prayer and hope are not an effective strategies for dealing with spots and stains. Technical skill and the allocation of appropriate time is. Unfortunately, technical skill and time is in short supply at ordinary cleaners.

We love the challenges our clients present to us. They help set up apart from ordinary cleaners.

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