Operational Excellence

What we don’t do

The vast majority of ordinary cleaners

  • Mix dark and intermediate colored garments
  • Mix light and intermediate colored garments
  • Mix red, black and other dark colored garments
  • Mix regular and fragile garments
  • Load their machines to full capacity
  • Add or inject moisture into their dry cleaning machines
  • Add or inject sizing into their dry cleaning machines
  • Add or inject fragrances or perfumes into their dry cleaning machines
  • Reduce the length of their “wash” cycles
  • Increase the temperature of their “dry” cycles.

This produces the fastest and cheapest – and worst – dry cleaning.

What ordinary cleaners call “exceptional”, “exquisite” or “award winning” cleaning. What the dry cleaning industry experts call bang and hang cleaning. And what we call ordinary cleaning.

Scrupulous attention to the operational details

At RAVE FabriCARE, we:

  • scrupulously sort our garments into at least 6 color classifications, and at least 2 fragility classifications.
  • never mix regular and fragile garments.
  • always under load our machines in much the same way that you under load your home washer.
  • never add or inject moisture to our dry cleaning fluid to control any possibility of shrinkage or bleeding of dyes.
  • never add or inject fragrances or perfumes into our dry cleaning fluid in an attempt to disguise the “solvent smell” because our dry cleaning fluid is odorless.
  • never add or inject sizing into our dry cleaning fluid to add stiffness to your fabrics, making your garments easier and quicker to press.
  • always extend the length of our wash cycles for maximum soil removal.
  • always dry at lower temperatures to further control any possibility of shrinkage.

Even our filter systems are separate

At RAVE FabriCARE, our dry cleaning machines even have completely separate filter systems for light/intermediate colored loads and dark colored loads.

By contrast, the dry cleaning machines at many ordinary cleaners have a single filter system.

This means that the dry cleaning solvent from both their light/intermediate colored loads and their dark colored loads flows through the same set of filters. As a result, some of the dye residue from their dark garments that accumulates in their filters will eventually find its way onto your light/intermediate garments.

The result?

Whites, creams and pastels that are grey and dingy.

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