CoutureCare for Charity

The past few years have been difficult times for Arizona’s non-profits and the fundraising organizations that support those non-profits.

Corporate and individual contributions were way down.

A recent headline in the Arizona Republic summed it up well: “Phoenix-are arts scene struggles to survive, thrive.” The article goes on to say that “The great Recession hit arts and cultural organizations hard. Big cash donations have dried out, ticket sales went soft and many arts non-profits started running deficits, even after slashing their budgets.”

In recent years, RAVE fabriCARE has provided substantial support to various to various non-profits and fundraising organizations.

Support for the arts

Our most important effort involves two organizations: Ballet Arizona and Arizona Opera. Over the past 10 years, both organizations have faced the real threat of closing their doors.

Over the past 4 years, we’ve cleaned thousands of exquisitely decorated, hand-made costumes for both organizations with a retail service cost exceeding $60,000.

Other charitable endeavors

Other charitable efforts have included:

  • Clothing drives for battered woman shelters
  • Silent auction gift certificates for selected fundraising organizations
  • Tablecloth cleaning and hand finishing for charitable events that either sell their tablecloths after the event or deliver the tablecloths to the sponsor of the table.

Introducing CoutureCare for Charity

To further support these non-profits and their fundraising organizations, RAVE FabriCARE formulated a creative philanthropic initiative: CoutureCare for Charity.

The intent of this program is to provide a little extra boost — in cash — for any fundraising effort that involves a formal charity event.

The program has the potential to add thousands of dollars to the final result of the fundraiser, depending on

  • the extent to which the event sponsor promotes the program to attendees and
  • the number of patrons who elect to participate.

How the program works

  • Every patron attending a qualifying formal charity event (“formal event”) receives a certificate from the organization sponsoring the event (individuals receive one certificate; a husband and wife receive one certificate; two partners receive one certificate).
  • The design of each certificate is customized for the event and the design is approved in advance by the sponsoring organization. The procedure for redeeming the certificate is printed on the reverse side of each certificate.
  • To identify the recipient of each certificate, the event sponsor writes the patron’s name on the reverse side of each certificate in the space provided for that purpose. These certificates are specific to the recipient(s) and are non-transferable.
  • The logistics as to when and how to best distribute the certificates prior to the formal charity event is the responsibility of the event sponsor.
  • To qualify as a formal event, the event sponsor must register the formal event with RAVE FabriCARE at least 6 weeks prior to the event date. This time period is needed to design and print the certificates.
  • When the certificate and the formal attire worn to the event (“the event attire”) is brought to our facility (in-store clients) or is picked up by one of our drivers (existing, regularly scheduled pick up and delivery clients), one third of the gross cleaning charges will be returned to the sponsoring organization.
  • To qualify for the one third rebate, the event attire must be received by RAVE FabriCARE within 2 weeks of the event date and must be picked up by the patron or delivered to the patron within 6 weeks of the event date.
  • Patrons will be informed by email as soon as their event attire is ready for pick up or delivery.
  • When a patron picks up their event attire at our facility and pays for the service or when the event attire is delivered to the patron’s home and the service charges are charged to their account, a check representing one third of the gross cleaning charge is attached to the patron’s invoice.
  • The check is made payable to both the event sponsor and the patron (for example: Beat The Heat 2016 and Jane Smith). All the patron has to do is to endorse the check in favor of the sponsor (by signing the back of the check) and mail it to the sponsor in the self addressed envelope provided. Because the check is made payable to both the patron and the sponsoring organization, the check cannot be negotiated by patrons for their personal benefit.

Difference between this program and other dry cleaner initiatives

The CoutureCare for Charity program differs from all other dry cleaner charitable initiatives in five critical areas:


This program benefits only one fundraising organization: yours.

Other dry cleaner initiatives benefit a whole host of charities. Accordingly, the return to the charity (in cash or in kind) is small relative to the promotional effort the charity is required to invest.


The success of the program is directly proportional to the number of patrons who participate. Quite simply, the greater the number of participants, the greater the return to the charity.

For example, say a formal event is attended by 500 patrons and 100 female patrons and 100 male patrons elect to participate in the program. Given that our average price of a formal gown is about $200 and our average price of a two piece tuxedo is $70, the program will return approximately $9,000 in cash to the fundraising organization.

Double the participation and the program will return approximately $18,000 in cash.


Unlike programs where a dry cleaner agrees to donate X% of their gross cleaning revenue to charity, the beneficiary charities do not have to rely on the dry cleaner for “full disclosure”.

With the CoutureCare for Charities program, the patron confirms the exact amount of the rebate by receiving and mailing the check and the charity deposits that exact amount.


Many dry cleaner-related charitable initiatives involve the donation of services.

In today’s economic environment, charities benefit the most when the contribution is cash.


Because cash provides the charity with the greatest flexibility in allocating their limited resources for maximum impact.


With RAVE FabriCARE’s CoutureCare for Charities program, there’s no administrative nightmare: who received a certificate? Who dropped off or sent in their formal attire? What  gross revenues were generated by the dry cleaner from the charitable initiative?  How much is due to the charity? When will that amount be paid? 

This program eliminates all these non-productive, post formal event administrative tasks, thereby allowing the fundraising organization to devote all its energies to promoting the program to as many patrons as possible prior to and during the formal event.

Contact us!

To find out more about our CoutureCare for Charities program and/or to register your formal event, please contact us.

Idea credit

Idea credit for CoutureCare for Charity: John-Claude and Joseph Hallak

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