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RAVE Pack ‘n Ship is at your service

Next time you jet off for business or pleasure, let us take the hassle out of packing and delivering your garments to your hotel or residence.

Our RAVE Pack ‘n Ship Service is designed specifically for fashionable business travelers, globetrotters and multiple homeowners.

While others are dealing with their luggage, your garments are being delivered to your hotel room or residence – in ready to wear condition.

Let RAVE FabriCARE take the drudgery out of your travel.

Say goodby to:

  • packing your fine garments and accessories,
  • waiting in line at the airport baggage check in,
  • waiting for and collecting your belongings from the airport carousel, and
  • lugging your suitcase to the transportation curb.

How it works

If you’re an existing RAVE FabriCARE pick up and deliver client, using our business and vacation packing service is a cinch:

  • Separate your “travel” garments and accessories from your “regular” cleaning.
  • Email us to let us know that your pick up on a particular date includes travel garments and accessories that need to be packed and shipped.
  • Provide the address and telephone number to which we are shipping your travel garments and accessories.
  • Identify the date of arrival at your destination. Let us know whether you want your items to arrive a few days before you arrive or on the date of your arrival.

When we receive your travel garments and accessories, we’ll

  • Clean and hand finish your travel garments and accessories to our highest standards.
  • Double bag them and pack them in one or more of our shipping boxes with plenty of tissue paper for support. We have 15 different box sizes to accommodate everything from a business suit to a formal gown.
  • Ship the box or boxes to your destination so that it arrives there either a few days before you get there or your scheduled day of arrival.

If you’re not an existing RAVE FabriCARE pick up and delivery client, we offer 2 options:

  • Sign up for our pick up and delivery service, or
  • Drop off your travel garments and accessories at our fabricare facility in the Scottsdale Airpark.

We’ll then follow the same approach we use for our existing RAVE FabriCARE pick up and delivery clients.

Now that’s traveling in style!

Oh, by the way, many of our Pack ‘n Ship clients take advantage of this service to return their garments and accessories to us.

They pack their garments and accessories in one of the shipping boxes and hand it to the hotel concierge for shipping back to RAVE FabriCARE.

Upon receipt, we’ll process those garments and accessories and

  • Deliver them back to you at the next opportunity (if you’re an existing pickup and delivery client), or
  • Hold them at our facility for pick up by you (if you’re not an existing pickup and delivery client).

Relax and enjoy the trip!


We know packing 

At RAVE FabriCARE, we know packing and shipping of fine garments, household textiles and accessories.

After all, we’ve been cleaning, hand finishing and shipping garments, household textiles and accessories throughout the USA and Canada for over 20 years.

Every month, our Nationwide Clean By Mail service packs and ships hundreds of shipping boxes throughout the United States and Canada.

We have competition

Now, there are companies that will store your garments for you, provide you with a virtual closet that allows you to select your travel garments online, and arrange to have your selected garments “cleaned”, “packed” and shipped for a $10 monthly service fee and a $100 per trip flat rate charge.

Clearly, these service providers are targeting the vast middle market, not the client with a significant investment in bespoke, made-to-measure, designer, high fashion, specialty and couture garments and accessories.

There are problems with our competition’s service

If you’re a RAVE FabriCARE client or if you’re familiar with the quality of work we deliver, you’ll immediately recognize the problems with this service:

  • Your fine garments are stored in some warehouse, not in your residence.
  • Some of your garments and accessories may be stored in the warehouse; others may be at home.
  • You might want to wear a particular garment or accessory while you’re in town, but that garment or accessory is being stored in some warehouse.
  • Your fine garments are being subcontracted to some undisclosed, ordinary cleaner who doesn’t know you, doesn’t know your garments, and who probably has minimal experience handling bespoke, made-to-measure, designer, high fashion, specialty and couture garments on a daily basis. This is a risky proposition for anyone with a significant investment in their fine garments and accessories.
  • Neither the service provider nor the dry cleaner accepts any responsibility for the manner in which your fine garments are cleaned and finished. Got an issue with the cleaning and/or finishing of a garment? Got an issue with damage to a garment? Who is going to take responsibility?
  • Your garments are being stuffed in a standardized, one-size-fits-all metal case with no consideration given to the shape, drape and overall condition of those garments when they arrive at their destination. We call this the “slept in look”.
  • Who is going to re-iron your garments when they arrive at your destination? Can you trust the “hotel valet” to hand iron those garments or will they subcontract the job to some third party who “specializes” in hotel work (by the way, when it comes to the worst quality “cleaning and pressing” available today, subcontractors employed by hotels to do your “cleaning and pressing” rule the roost).

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