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The cleaning and restoration of patio furniture cushions and related textiles

On July 5, 2011, a massive dust storm, known as a Haboob, rolled into the Phoenix metro area, blanketing everything in its wake with a fine layer of sand.

Patio Haboob


Given that Arizona has the largest number of swimming pools per capita in the USA, it's axiomatic that everyone's patio furniture cushions and associated textiles ended up covered by a fine layer of sand.

So what to do?

Many resorted to the obvious: wash off those patio cushions and related textiles with a garden hose.

There was just one problem: after drying in the sun, the cushion covers exhibited dirty "tide rings" reminiscent of the sea washing up on a sandy beach. Fact is, in many cases, instead of washing the sand off, the water spray caused the sand to embed deeper in the fibers.

So what to do?

Many called up RAVE FabriCARE. After all, if we can gently clean and restore a $10,000 formal dress splattered with red wine, we can certainly clean and restore your patio furniture cushions and related textiles.

Truth is, not only could we remove all the "tide rings" but also all of the oil stains that had accumulated over the years as a result of the build up of tanning creams and lotions.

You can trust RAVE FabriCARE to restore your patio furniture cushions and associated textiles to their original, albeit sun faded beauty.

The following photos show a set of 3 patio cushions - before and after cleaning.


Patio 412
Patio 413 Patio 414
Patio 415
Patio 416 Patio 417
Patio 418
Patio 419
Patio 420 Patio 421
Patio 422




Patio 624 Patio 623
Patio 625


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  1. Gravatar of Doug
    Doug Says:
    It's amazing that you were able to clean up those cushions so well - great job.
  2. Gravatar of Cushion Covers UK
    Cushion Covers UK Says:
    Arizona is famous for it's dessert scape and swimming pools. When the wind blows, a fine thin layer of sand effects every single thing of the area. The sofas, the pillows, every single sitting becomes messed up. Now to resolve this issue, the RAVE FabriCARE company provides services to remove these and other stains from pillows and sofas. The above mentioned tutorial shows the condition of pillows and sofas before and after the treatment and the results are amazing as the pillows and sofas become new and fresh after cleaning.
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