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Understanding quality of product vs. quality of service and conveniences

Understanding quality of productIn two previous posts (Your drycleaning bill of rights and Your shirt laundry bill of rights), I listed the critical elements of true quality cleaning.

If you were to go back to those lists, you'll notice that those lists focus solely on the quality of the product. It's about process and craftsmanship. It's about the many details that, combined, constitute true quality cleaning.

You'll also notice that all elements related to service and convenience -- elements that are typically cited by ordinary cleaners as their "quality standards" -- are specifically excluded from those lists ...

  • An inviting customer service environment
  • A friendly, enthusiastic and courteous service representative to greet and serve you
  • A commitment to customer service
  • Service that exceeds your expectations
  • A positive experience on every service
  • Caring about your concerns
  • Speedy handling of customer issues and problems
  • Value for the money you spend
  • Clothes ready on time
  • A computer record of all your transactions
  • Barcodes glued onto your garments to track your garments through the system
  • Satellite GPS system to track your delivery orders
  • Reusable garment bags
  • Hanger recycling program
  • Community involvement
  • Business owner involvement

Notice that all these service and convenience issues have nothing to do with the inherent quality of the product.

Which is precisely why ordinary cleaners emphasize service and conveniences and hardly ever mention quality of product.

This begs the question: what's the value of all the service and conveniences in the world if the quality of product is poor?

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