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Cleaning and restoring exhibition-quality garments for a museum

RAVE FabriCARE entrusted with the restoration of a 1930's suit for the Phoenix Art Museum
By: Stu Bloom

The Phoenix Art Museum houses one of the finest collections of American and European couture garments and accessories in the nation.

The museum’s 2007 exhibit, entitled “Autovotivated”, featured a new acquisition: a men’s two piece, off-white, wool and cotton blend suit from the early to mid 1930’s.

The suit required extensive restoration.

This blog post demonstrates the results that can be achieved with the application of the right blend of skills, judgement and restoration techniques to a museum-quality garment. Or any other vintage or heirloom piece, for that matter.


Cleaning and restoring vintage garments: What you need to know

What you need to know before you acquire a vintage garment and before you wear it for the first time
By: Stu Bloom

So you just purchased a gem of a vintage garment or retrieved one from the far reaches of a close relative or friend’s closet.


However, it’s more than likely that that vintage garment has not been properly cleaned and/or properly stored over the years.

In this post, I highlight some of the more common issues you might encounter when considering the purchase of a vintage garment and how those issues might impact the cleaning and restoration of that vintage garment prior to wearing it for the first time.


Non-iron shirts: A Frankenstein textile technology that’s well past it’s “use by” date

Nothing beats the look and feel of a professionally laundered, hand ironed, must-iron, 100% cotton shirt
By: Stu Bloom

The term “non-iron shirt” is an oxymoron. Whether you call them non-iron, wrinkle-free or wrinkle-resistant, these shirts still require hand ironing to look truly professional.

Now I know that there will be those who say that they just wash them and either hang dry them or toss them in a dryer and they “come out just fine.” But I’ve yet to see a non-iron shirt that’s processed in this fashion that looks like it’s been professionally hand ironed.

Like Frankenstein, the scientist who created a man-made monster who eventually turns on him and destroys him, non-iron shirts have many unexpected negative consequences.

In this post, I’ll discuss the pros and cons of “non-iron” shirts. After you’ve read the post, you might just reconsider your commitment to these Frankenstein monstrosities.


The Definitive Guide To Borrowing A Garment Or Outfit From A Friend

Tips for borrowing a garment or outfit from a friend that won’t ruin your friendship
By: Stu Bloom

The process of borrowing a garment or outfit from a friend and then returning it in pristine condition can either cement a friendship, strain it or ruin it. If you are the borrower, there are a number of “rules” you can follow that’ll single you out as a thoughtful, responsible borrower.

In this blog post, you’ll get tips that’ll guide you along the path to becoming that thoughtful, responsible borrower. And ensuring that, the next time you look to borrow a garment or outfit from that friend, your request will probably be viewed favorably.

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